Protocols & Procedures



1. Hand sanitizer is always available.

2. We have a  central unit exhaust fan that may be used to remove a portion of the interior air.

3. Our A/C unit's fans will continuously run as they draw in an additional 10% of outside air.

4. Masks are optional and are a personal choice.

5. There is a Plexiglas shield at the reception desk and in the office.

6. All business transactions will take place at the reception desk



Despite the understandable urge to reunite with classmates and teachers, please resist hugging, high 5's, etc., for everyone's safety.


1. Masking is a personal choice.


Masks are optional and are a personal choice.





1. Please limit family to 2 persons in Lobby

2. Tuition payments will only take place at the reception desk



3. Reception seating is to remain clear except when conducting business

4. On Saturday mornings, Combo 5-6 class, seating will be limited to 2 family members per table at 6' spacings. Limit of 10 students in a class



1. To keep sign-ins flowing quickly, you may buy coupons at the end of class.

2. Studio doors will remain open during the entire class


3. Masks are optional in all classes


Our main goal is to get students back to what they love and keep everyone safe and comfortable with their surroundings.

Steven Becker
Joan Palethorpe

PS: Procedures may be subject to change as we move forward.